Renewable energy where it’s needed the most

Working with a powerful community worldwide, The Solar Project is centered around the source of energy we love the most: The sun. In making eyewear, our obsession with sunlight comes with every piece. We invest a portion of our proceeds in solar power initiatives that bring renewable energy where it is needed the most.

Energy Democracy in South Africa

Access to clean and affordable energy is vital, yet big areas in South Africa are without it. The lack of modern energy, results in the use of fuels which pose severe health and safety risks. Affected are primarily women and children, as they are more exposed to dirty energy in the household.

In addition, relying on traditional energy grows increasingly more dangerous, as we’re facing more extreme weather events due to climate change. Furthermore, South Africa is the biggest emitter of CO2 on the African continent.

Local efforts, global results

With the help from Milkywire, we support local organization Earthlife Africa in their work for energy democracy in South Africa. Our donations go to the installation of solar panels and solar charging stations to support households and local businesses in areas with no access to safe electricity.

We hope to play a part in accelerating the transition to clean, affordable electricity – as well as increase access to information about renewable energy and its benefits, empowering local communities for a greater climate policy change. By the end of 2022, 128 solar panels and 16 solar charging stations will have been installed.