Crafted with inspiration from the force of nature and agriculture in mind, CHIMI introduces the new ready-to-wear collection DAGG. 

A conceptual fusion of luxury essentials, meticulously crafted into their most versatile and refined expression.

DAGG: noun [U] pronounced /dju/ Swedish for DEW; Tiny drops of water that form on humid surfaces at night, when atmospheric vapor condenses. This capsule ready-to-wear collection represents a conceptual fusion of luxury essentials, meticulously crafted into their most versatile and refined expression.


Each garment in this collection, inspired by gardening attire, exudes elegant simplicity with a touch of technical finesse. Meticulously crafted from bio and recycled materials, they feature unisex silhouettes and washed organic fabrics in earthy tones. Contrasting details like reflective tapes and silver accents evoke the garden environment.

Embracing the spirit of the garden, these pieces combine high-tech opulence with breathable, water-repellent fabrics for unrestricted movement. The collection strikes a perfect balance between fashion and technical proficiency, resulting in a contemporary and refined aesthetic.

Tailored to perfection, the garments seamlessly mold to the body, blending style and comfort effortlessly. It's an engineered wardrobe at the intersection of nature and technology.