Artisanal Upcycling by CHIMI

Introducing Spare Objects • An experimental segment where spare materials from our production are re-envisioned to new shapes and forms in a think-tank with industry specialists. Born out of a vision to create something meaningful using existing materials only, while proposing something entirely new.

The first drop transforms by-product from CHIMI’s own eyewear production into a one-of-a-kind home piece, designed in-house by our creative director Charlie Lindström and produced in Laxå, Sweden. The stool is fully upcycled from pure Mazzuchelli acetate, made entirely in material from past CHIMI collections and nothing else.

A Nod to the Past

Not only reviving materials, the design is an homage to Charlie’s grandfather – Göte. The curvature on the stool is a signature design Göte used as an interior architect and furniture designer himself. One of Charlie’s earliest memories of Göte was when he was standing in his studio one morning, crafting a wooden stool. To sign off his design, he added a concave seat detail for a more comfortable feel.